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Senior Facts

  • Seniors control 85% of America's disposable income.
  • 20% of the population is over 65, and control 40% of America's wealth.
  • Seniors pay their bills on time and have the lowest bankruptcy and bad check rate.
  • Seniors have the highest net worth of any age group.
  • Seniors are loyal & will use your service or product again & again, if satisfied, & they will tell their family & friends to call you too!
  • Seniors use Digital Senior Pages 365 days a year 24/7.
  • Seniors are continually moving into the Northwest in high numbers because of lower crime rates, quality standard of living, cost of living, recreational opportunities and mild climate conditions.
  • 80% of seniors own their own homes (have owned them longer too). These are the homes that need the new roofs, siding, paint jobs, furnaces, appliances, carpets, plumbing, electrical, additions & much more.
  • Seniors love to eat out at restaurants 
    • ...they love using coupons and are the largest users of coupons, 
    • ...they love to golf, tennis, bowling, pickleball and fishing, hunting. 
    • ...they have automobiles, RV's and boats, 
    • ...they own businesses and need services found in Senior Pages
    • ...they love to travel, play bingo, go to Casinos, 
    • ...they need dentists, dentures, hearing aids, glasses and physicians, 
    • ...they need hearing aids, eye glasses, home medical care,
    • ...they need the categories that are represented in the Digital Senior Pages. 

Great Facts about the Senior Market